Elena Aguilar Gasulla, piano - Franceso Mannis, flute


The only European ensemble invited to participate at the Chamber Music Festival “Terças Musicias 2011” in Aracaju-Brasil, december 2011, hold at the prestigious Tobías Barreto Theatre, with a capacity of 1300 persons. In this successful tournée, they also played at the Contemporary Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro. Elena and Francesco have been the only european ensemble to take part at the I World Flutes Festival hold at Mendoza-Argentina, september 2009, in which obtained great success of press and public.

They have participated in the last 23 Costa Rica International Music Festival, in 8 concerts tour throughout the country, with big success of public and press as reflected in major newspapers “La Nación”, “La República”, etc.

They play as duo since November 2002 and they have already appeared in important national and international seasons and Festivals receiving several standing ovations and very positive critical reviews.

They have participated in several chamber music courses, taking lessons from Mº Giuseppe Nova, Mº Anna Tirindelli, Mº Pier Narciso Masi, etc, among others. During the academic year 2005/2006 they have obtained the High Diplom Degree in Chamber Music at the prestigious Music School of Fiesole with Mº Bruno Canino.

They have won 10 first prizes in many nationals and internationals competitions as duo and have founded Trio Nova (together with flutist Mauro Baiocchi).

Musicians with high quality of sound, technique and musicality which is manifested, specially, in maximun expressivity moments”. L. Santo.



...with solid technique, powerful sound and display of a great temperament” (El Levante).

She graduated in the High Conservatory of Music “El Liceo” of Barcelona in three specialities: Piano, Theory-Voice Practicing and Chamber Music. Afterwards, she has completed her musical education thanks to the scholarships given from Foreign Office Ministry (Spain), “Agustí Pedro i Pons” Foundation (Barcelona), and Dávalos-Fletcher Foundation (Castellón), which have allowed her to study in Hungary and Italy. In this last country she has also obtained at the Vibo Valentia Conservatory the “Diploma of Piano”, the “Diploma of harpsichord” and the “Bienal Diploma in Music, Science and Sound Tecnology” in the International Polytechnic Conservatory. Last Diplom obtained is the “Master Degree in Music” at Polythecnic University of Valencia (Spain).

She has taken part in some Master courses receiving lessons from: Luca Chiantore (Italy); Miquel Farré (Cervera); el Dr. Salomón Mikowsky (Manhatan School of Music), Roy Howat (specialist in French music); Ramón Coll (Mahón); Irina Zariztskaya (Royal College of Music); Ferenk Kerek, Gyöngyi Kéveházi and Attila Némethy (Franz Listz Accademy of Budapest); Edith Fisher, Jorge Pepi and José Mª Colom (Blonay-Switzerland); Gordon Murray and Daniel Rivera (Italy).

She has worked for 5 years in Italian state schools. From 2008, she is winner of a public competition for teaching piano in state conservatories of Valencian Region. Currently, she teaches at the High Music Conservatory “Salvador Seguí” of Castellón de la Plana (Spain) and she is the President and founding member of Sonoré Music Society.



He obtains the Flute Diploma at Vibo Valentia Conservatory (Italy) with Mº A. Tirindelly, obtaining higher qualifications and honors. Afterwards, he obtains the “Biennial Diploma in Music, Science and Technology of sound” and the “Biennial Diploma that habilitates to teach Flute in Secondary Schools” with a thesis based on a Flute Method, in the same Conservatory and International Polytechnic “Scientia et Ars” of Vibo Valentia.

He completed his musical education at Fiesole High Music School with Chiara Tonelly, and at the Arts Academy of Rome with Giuseppe Nova.

From 2008 he is resident in the Valencian Region (Spain) where he has obtained the spanish High Music Degree at the High Music Conservatory of Castellón de la Plana with Fina Martínez Cano.

He has received lessons from: Maxence Larrieu (France), Giuseppe Nova, Giampaolo Corradetti, Roberto Maggio, Gabriele Betti, Michele Marasco, Francesco Loi (Italy), Katzutaka Shimizu (Japan, First Flute of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra), Yoshimi Oshima (Japan), Magdalena Martínez and Salvador Martínez (Spain).

First Prize at the prestigious flutist competition “E.Krakamp” (Italy-2005), and special prize for the best performance of a work of Di Martino. It is specially outstanding that he had already won this special Prize in 2001 as the best player of Belpasso. Other prizes are: First Prize at Cetraro Competition 2006, and First Prize at Lecce Competition 2008.

Currently, he plays with the International Chamber Ensemble of Roma in Opera and Symphonic seasons, and with the “Nascimbene” Orchestra under the batons of conductors as V. Gravina, R. Pregadio, L. Bacalov.

He has appeared in some reviews and newspapers as:

...he possesses exceptional music talent...” (Reportage); “...the magic flute...” (Cronache); “…research, cure of the sound and great capacity of performance…” (Il Domani).

He alternates the soloist activity with teacher obligation in State Musical schools.